You've been tasked with rescuing your friend from an evil castle, but are they worth saving?

Touch compatible
Move: Arrow Keys
Interact/Confirm: Z
Menu/Cancel: X

Game by Renee Blair @heptad777
Music by Lindar Greenwood @lindarthebard


Download 40 MB
Download 39 MB
Download 21 MB


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I can't even run it on browser with my Android phone. Like, it'll load and be good for less than a minute then an error message about the audio failing to play will pop up and prevent me from playing. 

WOW. This is so deep. This is the kind of games that makes me wanna create and tell stories using this beautiful medium that is videogame. Thank you for being one of the peoples that inspire me.


As someone who has an ex-girlfriend that is currently in an abusive/manipulative relationship this game really hit close to home. This is one of the deepest RPG maker games I have ever played and I'm impressed by how deep of an impact this game is capable of in such a short amount of time. From the very first few lines of dialogue I knew exactly what was going on, absolutely brilliant. Thank you for making this! 


I really appreciate the message.  From the other comments, I think people don't recognize that the gameplay is supposed to reflect the unfulfilling and cyclical nature of an emotionally abusive relationship, and so they're criticizing the game for being frustrating (which is exactly what it should be).  I'm always pleased when RPG Maker games can transcend the tool they're made with, and I feel that this manages that.

wow, powerful message

wow, powerful message

I really enjoyed this! Nice Job! I found myself intrigued by the story, it was very captivating. 


I you have trouble opening the file on android 

Use winrar and rename the file extension to apk.


ended just when i thought it was about to start lol 

Ahaha, same as me.. I just walk away from the demons lol


lmao that's kinda bland, really.

why are you making a game when you dont let the player do any choice? I think that's a big flaw in the game design.

it's not really emotion trigging.

The artwork in this was incredible. Really enjoyed the aesthetic!

I can only run the Web version, which has an error partway through: "Failed to load $BigMonster2.png"

This occurs after going up the stairs with the phantom asking about my character's boyfriend

A little slow paced. Interesting concept, but I feel it lacked any kind of rewards throughout. I kind of had to talk myself into finishing it. I think I would have liked it more if there was more leading up to each encounter with the boy.

I'm a guy myself though. It's harder for me to relate to this, I guess.


Hm. I wonder if there are alternative ednings except the obvious one?


Interesting idea. A bit heavy handed in the message, but a cool thing to explore nonetheless.